HOMETRAILS.RUN is an online community for trail- and mountain runners in Europe. We run, explore, share, care and respect.

Running is our passion. We run because it makes us better persons and it gives us the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes around the European continent. We like to share our experiences and adventures.

We care about the environment and the natural surroundings we run through. Therefore we respect it in every way we can. We try to live with a small ecological footprint because we want our children to enjoy our beautiful world as well.

HOMETRAILS.RUN is founded by Edwin Verdurmen en Barbara Kerkhof. Edwin is an architect, program maker and runner. For him running is a way of getting in contact with nature and exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the European continent. Barbara is a writer, photographer and runner. Running for her is an adventure, a voyage that can disconnect you from your daily routines.

You can contact with us by sending an e-mail to run@hometrails.run

Trail runner Renske moved to Arnhem and explores her new home town and the surrounding nature reserves on her trail shoes. Spoken in Dutch

  • Zurich with the amazing Nienke Brinkman

    Zurich with the amazing Nienke Brinkman

    Imagine; you started running only two and a half years ago. Then you surprisingly turn out to be an extremely good mountain runner and you are invited to compete with…

  • Switzerland – Sardona & the origin of the Alps

    Switzerland – Sardona & the origin of the Alps

    A lot of us, trail and mountain runners, frequently visit the Alps to compete in famous races like the Matterhorn Ultraks, Sierre Zinal or the Zugspitz Ultratrail. When we have…

  • Northern Iceland

    Northern Iceland

    Running on the boundaries between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Where the earth’s crust cracks open, steams, hisses and where volcanoes regularly spit out their lava. There are…

  • Iceland – Súlur Vertical

    Iceland – Súlur Vertical

    Running through Iceland sometimes feels like running on another planet. We went to the relatively unknown north of the country to see breath-taking landscapes, meet some prominent members of the…

  • The Ardennes with the Negative Split Running Tribe

    The Ardennes with the Negative Split Running Tribe

    Since 2018 the city of Antwerp has an urban running tribe called Negative Split. When hearing their name, you imagine city streets, graffiti and noisy traffic. But this tribe prefers…

  • Norway – Bergen with Stian

    Norway – Bergen with Stian

    If you follow the international skyraces, you must know Stian Angermund. The Bergen based runner was world champion Skymarathon and VK in 2016 and winner of the  Golden Trail Series…

  • Italy – Monte Cistella

    Italy – Monte Cistella

    Running up the Italian Monte Cistella is a tough climb. It leads you through a remote area where you hardly see anyone. But the reward is a worth while and…

  • Switzerland – Saas Fee

    Switzerland – Saas Fee

    Running on Swiss glaciers and having lunch just above 3,000 meters altitude. That was the plan when mountain runner Siebrig Scheeres and her dog Max took me on their home…

  • France – The Vosges with Barbara

    France – The Vosges with Barbara

    Barbara and her family went to the French Vosges for a camping holiday. This range of lower mountains near the Swiss border has beautiful forests with mountaintops up to 1.400…

  • Norway – Båsenibba

    Norway – Båsenibba

    Dining in an old Norwegian barn with a spectacular view on Geiranger Fjord. That was the promise of the Basenibba Community Run. As a part of the Stranda Fjord Trail…